Overview of Retirement Pension

Entry into Super-Aged Society

Now, our society needs to better prepare for a later life along with measures.
According to the UN standards, a society having 7% of its population in the 65-or-over group is defined as an ageing society. A society standing at over 14% and over 20% is defined as an aged society and a super-aged society respectively. According to Statistics Korea's estimated future population, in 2000, South Korea already became an ageing society, where people 65 years or older account for more than 7.2% of the population. The nation is expected to become an aged society in 2018 when this ratio reaches 14.3% and to become a super-aged society in 2026 when this ratio reaches 20.8%.

한국 노령 인구 변화 추이를 살펴보면 2000년에 7.2% , 2018년에 14.3% 2026년에 20.8%로 예상됩니다.
한국인 평균수명 변화추이를 살펴보면 2005년 78.6세에서 2010년 80.8세로 증가하였습니다. (자료 : 통계청)

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