"Duru Duru" Periodical Deposit

A periodical deposit with a variable interest rate for a specific period (first, second, third, and sixth month) considers customer’s sensitivity to the interest rate, and applies a comparative interest rate depending on the deposit amount.
Product characteristics
You can select a turnover time (available for individual customers only) among 1, 2, 3, and 6 months. A new interest rate will be applied at each turnover time, and a compound interest effect will be given. (The interest is added to the principal.)
Depositor protection
This deposit account is protected by the Depositor Protection Act but the protection limit is “KRW 50 million” per person, which combines the principal and prescribed interest of all financial products protected by the Act in Woori Bank. The amount that exceeds KRW 50 million will not be protected.
  • Opening this account is also available for a tax benefit and a daily transaction purposes.
  • Reward bonus interest of 0.1% pts p.a. for a new online customer.
Interest payment method
Select one of the monthly interest payment Choose a monthly, quarterly, annually, or on maturity.
(Only the monthly interest payment type and interest payment at maturity type are available, when newly subscribed as the tax break and living type savings account.)
Subscriber qualification
No limitations
Applicable interest rate
  • A standard interest rate may be changed at any time depending on the actual market rate.
  • A comparative interest rate will be applied, depending on the amount.
Interest rate determination date
  • 1 month turnover type: Commencement date and the corresponding day of every month from the commencement date.
  • 2 month turnover type: Commencement date and the corresponding day of every two month from the commencement date.
  • 3 month turnover type: Commencement date and the corresponding day of every three month from the commencement date.
  • 6 month turnover type: Commencement date and the corresponding day of every six month from the commencement date. (Applicable for the individual customer only.)
Interest rate application method
A contractual interest rate will vary per every interest determination date.
Half-way cancellation interest rate
  • Every interest rate determination day from the deposit date: Contractual interest rate
  • Deposit date and the day before the interest payment date from the final interest rate determination date: Applying the half-way cancellation interest rate for the general time deposit
Interest rate after maturity
Appying the interest rate after maturity for the general periodical deposit
For more information on the product, please contact a nearby Woori Bank's branch or customer center (1588-5000, 1599-5000).

Foreign Exchange Rate

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