Bancassurance Application Steps

  1. STEP 01

    Financial consultation and financial design
    • Visit your branch or nearest branch to receive a financial design service by analyzing your financial situation.
  2. STEP 02

    Check customers' need and insurance product consultation
    • The staff dedicated to insurance products will recommend an optimal product based on your financial design and retirement fund.
      You can receive information on products of interest.
  3. STEP 03

    Product design
    • You can calculate the insurance premium of a selected product.
      We calculate customers' insurance premium taking into consideration the main insurance and special contracts. The insurance premium can be recalculated at any time.
  4. STEP 04

    Fill out the application form for an insurance policy and pay the insurance premium
    • You can fill out the application form for an insurance policy (personal profile and health conditions) according to the dedicated staff’s guide. When you complete the application form and pay the first premium, the insurance company will begin the review.
  5. STEP 05

    Receive insurance terms and a payment receipt
    • When a contract is signed, You will receive insurance terms and a copy of application form.
  6. STEP 06

    Receive an insurance policy (subscribed insurance company)
    • The insurance policy will be sent to the address specified in the insurance application form.
      Please make sure that the received insurance policy matches your application, and check whether insurance terms are consistent with the explanation of the insurance sales staff.

For your information

자세히 보기 닫기
  • understanding the terms fully - All details related to a contract are included in the insurance terms.
  • Three obligations - Obligation of signing applicant's autograph on the application form, transfer of insurances terms and application form for keeping, and explanation of key products.
  • Importance of the signature - Insurance proceeds payment can be guaranteed only when a policyholder and the insured sign their signature on the “Signature” column in the application form.
  • Disadvantages when violating obligation of a notice - Insurance proceeds payment can be guaranteed only when the insured input the correct information in the application form (occupation, driving, current and past health conditions, injury, etc.) when taking out a policy.

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Woori Call Center

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  • 82-2-2006-5000 (International)
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