Credit Card User Guide

Use substantial Woori credit cards!

How to use

  • For tax benefits, a credit card must be used for entertainment expenses exceeding 50,000 won. For corporate users, only corporate credit card expenses may be used for tax deduction, and personal credit card expenses may not be used as corporate expenses. (Reference: Corporate Tax Law, Article 25.2)
How to use
Usable ranges
  • Entertainment expenses, social expenses, conference expenses
  • Convenience and welfare expenses
  • Overseas and domestic business trip expenses and education, training expenses
  • Order payment expenses, mail expenses, communication expenses, insurance expenses, etc.
Domestic credit line
  • Within the domestic credit line, corporate credit card may be used for domestic lump sum payment purchases.
  • The credit line is operated by the remaining credit line type (Installment payment is allowed. The credit line is generated on the next day of the payment date) or monthly credit line type (Installment payment is not allowed. The credit line is generated on the first day of the payment date.)
  • The credit line of the Woori Bank payment account will be generated on the next day of the settlement date, whereas that of other bank payment account will be generated on the settlement date + next business day + 1 day.
International credit line
  • The domestic and international credit lines are combined and the international credit line is the amount remaining after domestic purchases.
  • The overseas cash advances service is only available to corporate member cards, and should not exceed the cash advances service limitation.

    The credit line of the corporate member refer to the combined credit line at home and abroad.

Change of credit line
  • If you need to increase the corporate credit line, please prepare necessary documents and visit the nearest branch for application.

Lost credit card·Incident report

  • Financial damages due to lost credit cards or fraudulent activities may be compensated.
  • You can report the lost or stolen credit card to Woori Bank or BC Card call center at any time (7x24 service).
  • Application for compensation
    In the case of fraudulent activities due to lost or stolen credit card, please apply for compensation at Woori Bank branch.

Compensation processing procedure

  • You can download a compensation application form from the Woori Bank website.
  • The wrongful use amount occurred 60 days after the report date will be compensated by Woori Bank, except the cases as specified in the Corporate Member Clauses Article 22.3.
  • However, for wrongful use amount of the third party occurred 60 days before the report date, customers must prove wrongful use, and are not liable in accordance with the Article 3, in order to be compensated.
  • For compensation, members should pay KRW 20,000 wrongful use investigation fee per credit card.

Foreign Exchange Rate

2022/12/08 17:40:47
통화 환율 정보
Currency Buy Sell
USD 1,341.57 1,295.43
JPY 980.03 946.33
EUR 1,414.38 1,359.74

Woori Call Center

  • 1599-2288 (Dedicated Foreigner Call Center) -> 1(English), 2(Chinese), 3(Vietnamese), 4(Uzbek), 5(Russia), 6(Tai), 7(Mongolian), 8(Japanese), 9(Cambodian, Indonesian, Tagalog)
  • 1588-5000, 1599-5000 (Domestic)
  • 82-2-2006-5000 (International)
  • Business hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00, Mon-Fri