Copy Certificate


  • Through the certificate management window, you can recopy your certificate, change its password, and import or export your certificate.

Recopy Certificates

Recopy a certificate from a hard disk onto a mobile disk

Recopy a certificate from a hard disk onto a mobile disk

Save certificates in mobile storage media such as USB rather than in hard disks.
Do not save certificates e-mail boxes and Webhard on the Internet.

  1. STEP 01

    Select certification location
    At the certificate management window, select the location of a certificate to be recopied.
  2. STEP 02

    Select certificates
    Select a certificate to be recopied.
  3. STEP 03

    Click the Recopy Certificates button
    Click the Recopy Certificates button.
  4. STEP 04

    Select the certificate recopying location
    Select the certification recopying location and press the Confirm button.
  5. STEP 05

    Completion of certificate registration
    Enter the password of the selected certificate.
  6. STEP 06

    Password selected
    Enter the password of selected certificate.

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